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I have been asked to help out a client with an Access db which was originally started with Access 2000 or similar (mdb format) and it has been added to over the years. It is split with each user having their own front end. There are about 8 users, mostly read only. Most of the PCs used are running Windows 7. It essentially does what is required, but it is incredibly slow, even to open. The hardware and server have been replaced a... read more
I need to change a vendor in a PO already created in SAP. This is after intended vendor declined to supply because of stockout problems. What can I do to solve this? I don't intend to create a new PO. Gurus, please advice. Mosesa
Birthday Report
Question by vijesh vijayan | 1 day ago
Hi, Is there any report to get the birthday of employees? Regards, Vijesh.
Dates in a JOIN Or WHERE Clause Using SQLServer, TOAD
Question by WPoling | 2 hours ago
Hi, question, is there a way to select a date earlier then the date in the data set when doing a join on the dates...
Common Pitfalls in ERP Implementations
Question by Toolbox for IT Team | 8 hours ago
An increasing number of companies are turning to ERP for greater control and competitive advantage. What are some...
Redbooks have been enhanced yet again; they're now in the Apple...
Blog post By Willie Favero | 2 days ago
Posted on Monday, August 19, 2013 Willie's "Getting the Most Out of DB2 for z/OS" blog and "Musings of a Life-long...
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