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Is Depression Really More Common in Women?
posted by Carrie Steckl, Ph.D. on Sep 6th 2013
Is Depression Really More Common in Women?"For a long time, mental health professionals have relied on statistics showing that women are 70 percent more likely than men to experience depression across their lifetimes. But a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association - Psychiatry suggests that depression might be just as common in men after all. We've just been using the wrong criteria for them." More...
An Ode to Being Imperfect
posted by Allan Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D. on Sep 6th 2013
"There is a story of a father who pointed to his paraplegic son and railed at God for his imperfect child. God's reply came: "Seek perfection in your reactions, not in your son's physical makeup." The real message here is that we, as human beings, " More...
OCD - Treating it Right
posted by Janet Singer on Sep 5th 2013
"Over the last few years I've connected with a lot of people who have obsessive-compulsive disorder. Most of these OCD sufferers have some kind of story to tell about their early experiences reaching out for help. And they're usually not positive ones. They are accounts of misdiagnosis, no diagnosis, or mistreatment. They are tales of being told by family they are fine, or they must be exaggerating. They are advised to just "suck it up" or at the very least relax. If they are lucky enough to receive a proper diagnosis early on, they are often either just given medication with no offer of additional therapy, or treated with the wrong kind of therapy." More...
The Four Stages of Burnout: The Erosive Spiral - Shrink Rapᅵ Version
posted by Mark Gorkin, LCSW ("The Stress Doc") on Sep 5th 2013
The Four Stages of Burnout:  The Erosive Spiral - Shrink Rapᅵ Version"If no matter what you do or how hard you try Or how often escapes a bone weary sighᅵ You still can't say "No" or won't ever let go Because of time, money, and mostly ego. So you carry around a two-ton albatross - Not just a cross to bear; it's a bear of a cross Now, as they say, there's a big price to pay: The energy drain is the least of the pain. Are you aware of the looming despair? " More...
Think Big
posted by Mandy Kloppers on Sep 4th 2013
Think Big "Along with thinking big comes a large amount of self belief. So, how do you get it? Being able to drown out the noise of others and stick to your guns is the first step. Others, unfortunately, can be great triggers for self doubt. They will question what you want to do, they will question your ideas and if you don't have the self belief you might give in to that self doubt." More...
The School Year Begins for Students and Families
posted by Allan Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D. on Sep 4th 2013
The School Year Begins for Students and Families"Each year a certain number of children feel anxious or depressed about returning to school. Many children worry about making friends in school. They fear rejection and isolation. This is true not only for children who are beginning school for the first time, but for those who have moved into a new neighborhood and now begin attendance at a new school where they do not know anyone. " More...
Tackle Fear of Diseases with Knowledge
posted by Carrie Steckl, Ph.D. on Sep 3rd 2013
"What disease do you fear the most? Even if we are healthy and have few risk factors, many of us secretly (or openly) fear acquiring a particular disease. It could be due to family history or to seeing a friend go through something awful. Other times, the media is to blame for planting seeds of fear in our heads." More...
Posture and How it Changes Your Feelings
posted by Christy Matta, M.A. on Sep 3rd 2013
Posture and How it Changes Your Feelings"We all know that how we carry ourselves reflects our feelings. When we're sad, we tend to look down and frown, when anxious we might tap our feet or shift our eyes and when happy we may smile. But how we position our bodies doesn't just reflect how we feel, it can also change how we feel. That is, if you act confident, even when you're not, you may begin to feel confident." More...
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Health News
Maternal PTSD Tied to Increased Risk of Child Abuse
Sep 5th 2013
"Mothers with posttraumatic stress disorder due to events such as serious accidents, assaults, war, or natural disasters are more likely to mistreat their children, even more than mothers with depression, according to a study published online Sept. 2 in JAMA Pediatrics." More...
Continuation Phase Cognitive Therapy Beneficial in Depression
Sep 5th 2013
"For patients with major depressive disorder, continuation phase cognitive therapy and fluoxetine prevent relapse; and, a cognitive behavioral prevention program provides lasting benefits for some adolescents at risk for depressive disorders, according to two studies published online Sept. 4 in JAMA Psychiatry." More...
Parents' Goals Guide ADHD Treatment Choice
Sep 2nd 2013
"Therapy may be more successful when decision-making is shared, researcher suggests." More...
Anxiety Linked to a Need for More Personal Space
Aug 29th 2013
"Anxious people perceive threats as closer than others do and may react defensively, study suggests." More...
Mental and Substance Disorders Major Cause of Nonfatal Illnesses
Aug 28th 2013
"Opioid dependence causes greatest health burden of all illicit drugs, study shows." More...
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