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Here's a few of our current positions we're recruiting for.  If interested please email and send us your resume as an attachment and why you

feel you would qualify and be interested in the particular opportunity.  We will get back with you with more details on the specific position after we receive

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Positions are categorized by Location then Industry & Discipline



Major Oil Co. Client with generous salary, bonuses, pension, benefits, locations, training & position types:

Job Code # 115-Reservoir Engineer, Reservoir Simulation Engineer, Facilities Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Production Engineer, Geologist,

Geophysicist, Seismic Processing Geophysicist, Petrophysicist, and various R&D positions

Locations include Africa, Asia Pacific, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean, the Middle East



Land Manager - BBAor MS & 10 yrs - F/Os, JVs, SOPs, partner relations, work w/ other functions, etc Job #247

Sr. Completions Engr. - BS Egr or HS 8+yrs completions, w/o's, well construction, intervention, artificial lift, HSE regs Job #316

Sr. Drilling Engr. - BS Eng 8+yrs, drilling programs, post drill analysis, operations, onshore/offshore, gov't permit  Job #368

Well Operations Mgr. - BS Engr 10+ yrs drilling, well intervention, operations, troubleshoot, HSE compliance  Job #250



Sr. Geologist- MS in Geology w/ 5-10 yrs. exp + 5 yrs. in the Permian Basin Job # 364


Arkansas-Little Rock Area

Procurement Coordinator(s) 2 - BS Degree (pref) w/ oil/gas industry drilling,line pipe/compressors, high energy, integrity $ to six figures Job #324


Colorado-Denver & Grand Junction

Operations Engr.- BSPetE or other engineering degree w/15+ years in onshore field operations Job# 230

Landman- BS Degree w/10+ yrs. landman exp. prefer 5+ in Rockies, Major Co. exp. A+, great comp $pkg incl. equity  Job #310

Sr. Facilities Engr.- BS Engr - 15+ yrs - Rockies, tite gas, field operations, p/l, compression, gathering systems great comp $pkg incl. equity Job# 239

Geotech- BS geology -8 yrs as geotech w/ major or independent- Openworks & GeographixS Engr great comp $pkg incl. equity Job# 234




 Civil Engr. - BS in CE. 3 or more years experience. Familiar with design and utilities a plus Job #332

 Electrical Engrs (2). - BS or MS in EE. 3 or more years in substation design Job #331

 Civil Engr. - BSCE w/3+ years site layout or public works design, E.I.T. req'd P.E. pref. Job #199



 Gulf Coast Geophysicist - BS MS Geology or Geophysics - 8-25 yrs - SoLA & GoM. 3D seismic- prospect gen,map etc. Job #29

 Production/Surveillance Engineer- 8+ yrs Gulf coast production/surveillance exp. with offshore Gulf of Mexico Job #85 

 Completions/Workover Engineer -  15 yrs. exp with Gulf Coast completions and workover ops. with supervision exp. (land, barge, jack up, platform, ops.)Job #371

 Drilling Engineer -  15 yrs. exp with Gulf Coast completions and workover ops. with supervision exp. (land, barge, jack up, platform, ops.)Job #372


Metairie/New Orleans Metro Area

 Geophysical Advisor - MS Geology & 15 yrs exper - GoM Shelf or DW, seismic interpret, Landmark, mentor jr. geos. Job #339  

 Sr. Staff Reservoir Engr. - BSPetE w/10+ yrs - Deepwater GoM-Development - Economics, Eclipse a plus Job # 290

 Sr. Staff Reservoir Engr. - BSPetE -5+ yrs as RE & 3 yrs simulation - deepwater dvlpt. - ECLIPSE Job # 295

 Multiple Engr- BS/ME,ChE, EE  1-10 yrs. exp. in manufacturing enviroment preferred, good mech. skills considered Job #378

 Capital Systems Manager - BS/ME, ChE, EE, Capital Mgmt., Cost Engineering exp. using SAP, purchasing/facilities exp. prefer Job # 382




  A&D Geologist - BS Geology 

  VP Engineering - BS Eng - broad background in all oil/gas eng. functions Job #252

  Reservoir Engr. Mgr. - BS Engr and 15+ years - Rockies, Tite Gas Job #236

  Sr. Reservoir Engr GoMexico - BS Engr 8+ yrs, reserves, well test analysis, simulation, budget/planning, OFM, Eclipse Job #326

  Reservoir Engr T&T- BS Engr 5+ yrs, surveillance, nodal, well testing, reserves, PEEP, OFM, MbAL, IPM Job #88

  Reservoir Eng. Technician - BS -5 yrs as eng. tech w/ major or independent- ARIES or PEEP, OFM - reserve rpting Job #235

  Staff Bus Development Engr - BS Engr & MBA A&D commercial analysis, portfolio risk assessment, Aries, RE Background Job #328


  Sr. Production Engr- BS Engr 8+ yrs, prod. Optimize, operations, flow assurance, regulatory compl, OFM, Petex Job # 214

  Sr. Deepwater Prod. Engineer - BS Engr w/ 15+yrs - optimize production/infrastructure - Prod engr w/some Reservoir Job #296

  Production Engr  - BS Engr w/3+ yrs. offshore GOM Prod/Surveillance-prefer deepwater exp. Job #12


  Project/Operation Engr - BS Engr 8+ yrs, p/l & storage asset construction/mgmt, mech design for storage, downhole Job #222


  Prospect Geologist - BS, pref MS Geol with 3+ yrs GOM deepwater or shelf regional expl exp Job #11

  Geological Technician - BS geology -8 yrs as geotech w/ major or independent- Openworks & Geographix Job #234

  Production Geoscientist - MS Geology w/ 8+yrs - development side - A&D exp, 3D seismic interpretation/mapper Job #227

  Geo & Eng Tech - BS Geology or Eng -PhDWin, data upload, planimetering, database management Job # 27


  Landman/Exploration - BS 5+ yrs land - MMS/BLM - Alaska, strong communication skills, oilfield network, polished Job #251

  Lead Structural Engineer - BS Engr 10+yrs, PE preferred, EPC large offshore vessel packages, aggressive, work ethic Job #233

  Geotech- College degree not mandatory with enough experience in the oil and gas industry specifically in theGulf of Mexico Shelf , strong computer skills Job #377


The Woodlands

  Geologist - MS Geology w/ 5 yrs - develop. & exploitation, operations, 3D mapping, tite gas, Petra Job #224

  Operations Engr - BS Engr w/5+ yrs -completions, art lift, prod optimize, Aries, FracPro, Nodal Job #223

  Reservoir Engr - BS Engr w/5+ yrs - surveillance, reserves, econ, new drills, tite gas, Aries - Job #225


 Dallas/Ft. Worth

  Geologist - MS Geo or Geop 5+ yrs petroleum, Barnett Shale, generation, drilling opers, mapper, Landmark Job #219

  Geophysicist - MS Geo or Geop 15+ yrs 2&3D seismic interpreter, exploration, mapper, Landmark & Petra Job #220

  Sr. Completions Engr - BS Engr 5+ yrs new drill completions, Barnett Shale, Vertical & Horizontal, w/o, r/c, fast pace Job #216

  Sr. Drilling Engr - BS Engr 15+ yrs horizontal well construction, deep HPHT, operations, some field work Job #217

  Sr. Production Engr - BS Engr 8+ yrs, prod. Optimize, operations, SHE compliance, field exposure, asset team envir Job #218


Mississippi/New Mexico/Oklahoma/West Virginia

South & Central MS

  Drilling Engineer - BS Engr 4+yrs, drilling ops, turnkey programs, rig equip & personnel, client/vendor mgt Job#221

  Manager/Energy Processing - BS Engr - PE (desired) -MBA(advantage) - Mg. P/L Gas treating fac - grow bus Job #229


Farmington, NM

  District Engr. - BSPetE w/ 7-10 yrs - solid prod. Engr. Job #24


Tulsa, OK  

  Arkoma Geophysicist - MS Geology or Geophysics - Arkoma Basin/Woodford Shale experience Job #25

  Combination Geo & Eng Tech-BS Geology or Eng -PhDWin, data upload, planimetering, database management Job #26


W. Va., Near Pittsburg, PA

  Reservoir Engineering Mgr. - BS Engr 15+ yrs - surveillance, simulation, reserves, development, 8 dir rept, Aries reqr Job #211