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Freelance Writing Jobs as the Jobs of Future


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According to recent statistics, about 57 million Americans are independent workers or are doing freelance writing jobs. This translates to about 35% of the entire population. Many other countries around the world are equally witnessing this seismic shift in employment. Whether it is for generating extra income doing proofreading job or fulfilment of passion, it has become a goldmine where everyone heads to. The question however is; what does this mean for the future?

Is it a worrying Trend?

Anyone who is currently doing proofreading jobs online has a different opinion compared to someone who is contemplating doing so. But when it comes to getting a clear picture of the freelancing enterprise, an experienced independent worker will tell you that the future is bright.

Further, while the age of industrialization sent shivers down the spines of many at its advent regarding job losses, not many have been affected the way many anticipated. Perhaps the dawn of fully operational bots and complete replacement of human capital as envisioned by Artificial Intelligence pioneers will have a more adverse effect on those who report to different workplaces every day. And to that fresh graduate or a journalist who has just resigned from his or her work, freelance editor jobs from respective freelance jobs companies like are options worth taking up.

The Gig Economy: Lucrative Areas

Now come to think of it. When you type a search phrases like ‘proofreaders needed’ thousands appear on search results and you apply almost instantly. How cool is that? And once you locate something that meets your skills, all you have to do is bid on it. With many continuing to sign up for online writing jobs on different sites, making money at home has never been easy. That’s gig economy for you.

Where to look for work

The internet has made the gig economy a lot easier because apart from making it possible for everyone to know the changing dynamics of online employment, it equally makes it possible to access plenty of opportunities on working platforms such as Upwork and Fivver, Job boards and classified Ads sites that occasionally post freelance writing jobs online for beginners.

More reasons why Freelancing is the future of jobs

Take a look at some of the reasons why you really must start thinking differently about the future of employment when you view everything using the lens of an independent worker.

  • More flexibility
  • There are days when you don’t just feel like going to work and wish there was an option. This is one of the disadvantages that come with full-time employment. But when it comes to doing legal writing job online you can work during your own time. It depends on whether you are a night owl or a morning person. This is why freelancing perfectly fits jigsaw of future employment. No worries about job losses or deadlines.

  • A soft landing pad
  • Losing a job can be devastating and if you have not been saving enough, it can be painstakingly difficult get going. Some end up slumping into depression as a result. Online writer jobs are thus a soft landing pad even if your contract is nearing its end. It is what will cushion many employees from retrenchments and early retirements.

  • Easy start-up
  • This is more pronounced if you are thinking about starting an online work portal as a side-hassle or tap into the talent of others who want to partake in doing homework jobs. As opposed to most mainstream start-ups, getting started in the blogosphere is pretty easy and sooner than later, you will start earning the millions you have been dreaming about. Subcontracting makes freelance the most preferable for those thinking about future of work.

  • Everything is only a tap away
  • Another interesting bit is that no much go into finding jobs that suits your skills or market demands in freelancing. On-demand jobs, can be hard to come by during peak seasons in the real world working atmosphere. Online academic writing jobs are definitive of this. You are always a tap away from getting hired and this is something everyone would want to be part of even in the future.

  • Anyone can get started
  • The job market can be murky at times and finding an opportunity that best suits your skills becomes a nightmare. This is especially if those endowed with the skills are way too many to be accommodated in the few existing positions. With the option of freelance jobs such as academic writing job, things are easier for everyone.

In summary, whether you choose to do proofreading jobs online or any that meets your qualifications, millennials are increasingly getting inclined towards a working environment where they can work based on their owns terms. This is what makes any freelance writing job even more future-oriented.

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