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  Recruitment for 2013 / 2014

Teaching Jobs Overseas: arrow WANTED: Class teachers, Mathematics, Science, English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Social Studies, PE, Art, Music, Special Ed, Drama, Computers, Economics, Business Studies, Literacy, ToK, Learner Support, etc.

Teaching Jobs Overseas: arrow WANTED:  Principals, Department Heads,  Counselors,  Librarians and other educators needed. New vacancies posted daily!

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Current vacancies - Sep 2013 start (updated daily):

Teaching Jobs Overseas: arrow Apply through your personal recruitment site. We'll build one for you and show you how to use it.

Teaching Jobs Overseas: arrow Contracts, visas and relocation take time. Procrastination is the biggest mistake in international recruiting. To start teaching in September, you must begin your search today!

Typical Salaries

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Nursery Teacher for Ages 4-6
    Salary: ᅵ37,182 - ᅵ60,088 plus benefits

Alikante, Spain

    Salary: ᅵ40,050 to ᅵ67,199 Euros


    Salary: ᅵ40,050 to ᅵ67,199 Euros

Belgium - Brussels (Woluwᅵ)

    Salary: ᅵ40,050 to ᅵ67,199 Euros

Varese, Italy

    Salary: ᅵ40,050 to ᅵ67,199 Euros

Belgium, Brussels (Ixelles)

    Salary: ᅵ52,383- ᅵ89,039 plus benefits

Alicante, Spain

    Salary: ᅵ52,383- ᅵ89,039

The Department for Education and Skills invites applications from suitably qualified teachers who hold a degree or equivalent and have ideally at least 5 years' teaching experience for the following post, commencing 1 September

Belgium - Brussels (Woluwᅵ)

  • Secondary ï¿œ52,383 to ï¿œ89,039

Thanks for all of the great insider info. Shane and I  had 3 solid offers on the second day. We were very well prepared at the fair and had a great time! 

Shane and Virginia 

I have been a member of your site since 1999. Following your advice, I was able to spend three wonderful years at an international school in Chile and am currently completing my second year at an international school in the Caribbean.

 [email protected]

Joyjobs was one of the first websites we visited when we began to consider teaching overseas. It contains valuable information to consider regarding making the decision to move, steps to take during the job search to be most effective and interview techniques that land you job offers.

Whenever we had questions, we emailed and within a few hours either Igor or Pamela had written back with sound feedback. They and their website are invaluable. After we chose the job we wanted from several offers, Joyjobs was the one we sent thanks to.

Now as we start our search for our second position overseas, we are back with Joyjobs- their focus on helping each person reach his/her goal and their willingness to share information for an incredibly reasonable price make them our first choice and our favorite as we move into the market again.

Sarah & Rick Branson

I love your site and want to commend you on the excellent work you do. From your website I have worked in Brazil and the Middle East.


The webpage you created for me really helped me to get my teaching job in Weimar, Germany.... that with 2 phone calls netted me 3 job offers ...did not even go to the job fairs.

I really appreciated your help and will use it again. I have referred joyjobs to at least 10 people in the last year.



I got a position through JoyJobs without any sort of trouble on my part. I set up the website and Igor actually sent me two jobs via email and I applied and interviewed for both.

After interviewing, I picked a great job in Lithuania that's perfect. I couldn't be happier with my experience!

Lisa Jackson


We followed all your advice and came away with jobs from our first choice of schools. We didn't even have to go to a job fair!

> Just from sending out our webpage, we had many schools very interested. We had a number of job offers just from the webpage and also others from telephone interviews. You really opened our eyes to see how it is supposed to be done.

ï¿œMark and Amy


Avoid recruiting scams

Some common tricks. Scammers assume the identity of a real school to email you a "job contract".  Then you receive a request to wire some cash to cover "visa processing", or some other cost.

Rule #1. Any request for a wire transfer to a personal name via Western Union is always a scam. There are no exceptions.

No legitimate school will ever ask you for money! In fact, the opposite is true. Legitimate schools provide settling-in allowances, airfares, and other perks.

Rule #2. Use a major credit card for all your job search-related expenses. Visa, MC and Amex carry Zero Liability policy against fraudulent transactions.

Contact us if you have  a suspicious job offer or a request to send cash.


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