Technical Writing Job Explained: Total Guide to Start a Career

Good internet availability and improved technology have created many opportunities that never existed. Many people can now earn a living as a result of engaging in online activities. Technical writing jobs, for instance, is among the top careers a person with the required skills can engage in and make good money without struggling. If you have the ability to understand complex and technical details about something, keep reading this blog to understand how you can establish a long-lasting career through freelance technical writing jobs.

Technical writing job description: what does it involve?

Technical writing jobs online requires the writer to research and produce high-quality content in the form of product reviews, white paper, buying & ultimate guides, eBooks, articles, and blog posts to meet the specific requirements. While this is a career opportunity like any other, the skills of a technical writer include the ability to conduct in-depth research, use keywords in content writing, use a predefined tone & style, and interact with other professionals in the industry to deliver the content required.

Benefits of technical writing jobs

Becoming a technical writer comes with a wide range of benefits. While getting paid to do technical writing is the main concern, technical writers get to enjoy the following:

  • Keep learning

Technical writers write a wide range of subjects and ideas. They are never limited to one niche. As they research and write about different content, they become experts in the same fields, and they can engage in any discussion revolving around the given subject matter.

  • They develop a good command of the English language

In most instances, technical writers write their content in English. This is beneficial to them as they keep learning the language, which is universal. This enables technical content writers to interact well with other professionals globally.

  • Creates total freedom

As a technical writer, you don’t need the whole day to work. You can plan your schedule and have time to write and time to meet other tasks. You can as well opt for part time technical writing jobs or full-time writing jobs. It all depends on your preference and availability.

How to become a technical writer: starting with entry level technical writing jobs

Are you looking for a way to gain entry into technical writing jobs? Do you have a passion for researching and creating satisfying content? Well, the following steps will simplify your process of becoming a pro expert in the technical writing field.

  1. Get the relevant skills

Technical writing will require you to have qualifications such as getting a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree in the technical field you want to specialize in. This will improve your overall job delivery and make it easy for you to find such technical jobs. Such skills include medicine, data science, and engineering, among other technical fields.

  1. Get a technical writer certification

While getting your degree in a particular field is relevant, getting the technical writer certification is even more relevant. You can get this certification through STC-society for technical communication. This is especially crucial when you want to make technical writing your full-time career.

  1. Create a portfolio of samples

Once you have the relevant skills and other certification requirements, you can now start your career. However, you need samples as part of your qualification. Therefore, get related samples and begin with entry level technical writing jobs as you start to build your name or brand. The samples you create should have a professional touch, and use them when applying for jobs to show your potential.

  1. Create your professional network

Technical writing is a wider field that requires different approaches to ensure you succeed. Therefore, joining an association made up of technical writers is the perfect move. Here, you will learn different aspects related to technical writing. Be sure to also attend related events as you keep learning and exploring technical writing opportunities that come your way.

  1. Understand the industry trends

Finally, you need to stay updated on what is happening in the field of technical writing. Learn about the new technologies and advancements taking place in the same fields. This way, you will know how to apply such techniques in the technical writing process as a way of improving service delivery.


Do you have technical writing skills but are unable to get your dream job? Well, develop your dream career by becoming a pro technical writer by following the above steps.

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